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Who are we?


About us
Since 2002 QuestControl has grown to be a market leading Distributor for Multimedia accessories, in it’s kind. With a personal approach to both our clients and the brands that we represent, Questcontrol stands for reliability. With a strong sales team, on the road as well as in our Office, we advise our clients and we provide them with  information and point of sales material they need. Over the years QuestControl  introduced  several brands successful in the Benelux Market.

Not just by traditional advertising, but by showing and teaching our resellers and their personnel about the products and their unique selling points, so that they can pass it on to the end consumer.

We are active in the following markets:

  • Console gaming
  • PC gaming
  • PC accessories
  • Audio
  • Toys
  • Merchandising
  • Gadgets
  • Photo
  • Telecom
  • Security software

Do you have any questions or do you want to contact us? Send us a mail to or call +31 (0) 75 670 73 68